House Calls

In the old days, it was normal for doctors to see patients at their homes. Home visits made up 40 percent of doctor consultations before the 1940s. But things shifted after the war. Doctors moved to their clinics, and more nursing homes emerged. Concierge Services restores the old comfort of receiving medical care at your doorstep.


Just dial our number 305-339-1756 and we will send a doctor to your home. We provide more than just basic medical advice; we have a variety of medical care services

Benefits of House calls:

House Calls offer many benefits for patient safety. They eliminate the need and hassle of traveling, which can be exhausting and difficult for seniors. They also help patients save time and money by avoiding transportation costs and arrangements. House Calls allow doctors to see the patient’s living conditions and habits, which can improve their diagnosis and treatment. They also foster a stronger bond between doctor and patient.